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Our Special Construction is Deep foundation

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Concret Piling

Piling is a technique used extensively by contractors to set a deep foundation for structures such as buildings. By driving and embedding piles of wood, concrete, or steel into the deep soil of the ground, the piling contractors are able to provide strong support to the building structure at the foundation level – a prerequisite for any construction project.

Advantages of Concrete Piles

  • The shells are light weighted, so they are easy to handle.
  • The length of piles can be varied easily.
  • The shells may be assembled at sight.
  • No excess enforcement is required only to prevent damage from handling.
  • No possibility of breaking during installation.
  • Additional piles can be provided easily if required.

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Sheet pailing 

Steel piles may be of I-section or hollow pipe. They are filled with concrete. The size may vary from 10 inches to 24 inches in diameter and thickness is usually ¾ inches. Because of the small sectional area, the piles are easy to drive. They are mostly used as end-bearing piles.

Advantages of Steel Piles

  • They are easy to install. 
  • They can reach a greater depth compared to any other type of pile. 
  • Can penetrate through the hard layer of soil due to the less cross-sectional area. 
  • It is easy to splice steel piles
  • Can carry heavy loads.


Steel piles in Kathmandu 


Another type of foundation usually employed is Pier and Beam foundation. They are deeper. They can be used in areas where snow and frost fall. It will sink below the frost line. This type of foundation can include a basement. The frost line is generally located between 5 and 8 feet below the surface. These types of foundations are always used in residential and commercial properties. The guidelines for using the foundation are decided by the period and style of the building besides the soil conditions and the requirements of the property owner.


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Our organization is equipped with the latest, advanced equipment, technology, and expertise for carrying out this type of pilling task. Despite of what and whenever you intend to construct, our organization is being mobilized resources & expertise for driving values and assisting in realizing all your project goals.

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