Major Five Mistake When Building Construction In Nepal

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 Building construction is one kind of art with a combination of Math and Science. so must obey Nepal government and engineering rules and regulations in building construction Nepal.  Nepal is at high risk in an earthquake zone so that we must follow and meet engineering terms and conditions in building construction in Nepal. Present status and practices of building construction in Nepal is a very bad and narrow concept of an owner.  If we gain some important tips and tricks in the construction method we can easily be safe from earthquakes and save money also too.  Most of the owners are facing problems in Nepal during the construction period. If we see only construction problems in Nepal then who can be safe from earthquakes and save the price of the building? Here are some lists of commonly major mistakes done by owners of building construction in Nepal.


1. Selection by the plot from Land Broker

 When clients make a concept to buy land they first contact the land broker and ask about the land condition with the broker is the first mistake from the owner. Clients first choose the architects or engineers for the new plot. 

Selection by plot from Land BrokerConfirm with architects or engineers about land size,  road condition, and direction within your budget. Make some minimum requirements and listed and only meet with a land broker. When you confirm a visit to land or plot never asks for room size, building design, future road condition, etc. with a land broker. Many owners do that and make real estate business in Nepal like engineering consultancy. Just visit and can ask the original landowner and about its price. when you return back contact your architects or engineers. Briefly tell about the plot and if possible you can take an engineer in the plot without knowing the land broker. Confirm from Engineer with roughly building design and tentative building construction price. If the plot is approved by architects or engineers then only confirm to buy.

 2. Skip of Design and Consultant

The biggest mistake of construction in Nepal is construction without design. Many owners have only a plan of the building when construction is in process.  The owner Must have developed all kinds of drawings. Like architectural drawing, Working Drawing, and structural drawing. Don’t be stingy to pay for the designer. If possible one owner must ask to draw electrical and sanitary drawings also. First approved by the Government and local government then only start construction on site. 

3. Trying to cheat Government / Engineer

 National building code (NBC) Nepal is the best Building Code in Asia. Architects or Engineers are in the design process and they must meet National Building Code (NBC) guidelines in the drawing. But when the time to implement on-site owners asks contractors to hide or skip in the construction process which is the most important part of the structure of building. Most owners always think the government and engineers give unnecessary stress to construction but in actuality, the government and engineers are trying to be safe from earthquakes and make a safe society. If possible, always ask to visit the site timely and inform the local government when the building is under construction. If the owner has any questions or confusion authorized person of government or engineer when construction was running.


4. Selection of constructor and building materials

 Every contractor has their own official skill. Every contractor does not have building construction skills also so choose a carefully professional contractor. Don’t directly hand over construction work by reference by relatives or friends, if you get a reference to a construction company visit site that is work done by that construction company in Nepal.  Can ask about BOQ and drawing with a contractor. If possible visit the previous work done site by the contractor. Take some snaps and consult with an engineer or family member. Another big mistake is the selection of building materials from the market. We can find lots of items of building material in the market so never don’t compare with a model compared with material quality.

5. Furnishing work with more than one itemFurnishing work with more than one item

All construction companies in Nepal work very slowly in structure work and they mostly wasted time in structural periods.  After finishing the structural part, it was a very short time to complete the project. At that Condition contractors and owners, both agree to combine more than two works. If that happens, finished work will never be good, smoothly and fairly so that makes work schedule with time management. Make a time schedule with weather conditions. There are many times blocked by weather conditions in Nepal. Like in the rainy season contractor cannot work in the building so manage time with our weather conditions. Don’t make pressure on contractors to work with more item work. 


Normally a two-story building to complete construction in Nepal is one year but we take more than three months because sometimes problems create automatically. This kind of major mistake makes the owner unhappy with an extra burden load of money. NABiL CONSTRUCTiON (P) Ltd is ready to make your dream without making this kind of mistake in construction. Our main goal is to ensure that building owners have the best experience in our work.

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